Staples office superstore industry

Transformation Using IBM Watson APIs, the company transformed its Easy Button into a cognitive ordering ecosystem that customers can use to order supplies from a variety of devices using voice, text or email.

Staples office superstore industry

List of Some Major Trade Fairs Stationery and office supplies encompass a diverse range of product categories.

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Glues and adhesives, pens and pencils, as well as paper stationery, constitute the major export categories. Apart from producing for OEM customers including major stationery brand owners of France and Germanysome Hong Kong manufacturers also market their own branded items.

Hong Kong companies also accept ODM orders that require substantial design input from suppliers. A huge growth area is in offering a comprehensive collection of computer consumables. Traditional stationery items are also modified or presented as computer accessories. On the other hand, demand for stationery featuring licensed characters of popular TV shows, cartoons, movies and mobile phone games sustains.

They are available in a variety of finishes and surfaces, such as chrome gold, silver or bronze in colourplastic, imitation leather and genuine leather. Prepared glues and other adhesives are now dominating the export mix. However, paper stationery remains an important export category of Hong Kong.

Staples office superstore industry

It consists of exercise books, albums, diaries, sketchbooks, memo pads, registers, account books, receipt books, gift boxes, shopping bags, shipping bags and gift wrapping materials. Gift boxes and shopping bags, which are made for manufacturers or retailers of consumer goods, usually bear company names, logos or advertisements.

Some are made for subsequent resale to people for wrapping gifts they have purchased. In general, ball point pens manufactured in Hong Kong are targeted at the premium market. Most manufacturers rely heavily on imported ink, refills, brass ball points and barrels.

Only a few companies make their own refills. Various parts are then assembled in-house. Some also make their own barrels if the design is intended to incorporate a particular function such as LCD time display.

Apart from producing solely for their OEM customers, some Hong Kong exporters also market their own branded items. The Chinese mainland was the largest market, accounting for Other major markets include the EU and the US, with a combined share of This category made up Other major stationery exports include pens, markers, sliding pencils and holders SITC ; 8.

Sales Channels Products are mostly exported directly by manufacturers, while a portion of them are handled by general trading firms, which may also deal in other kinds of products. In Hong Kong's domestic market, Japanese products dominate the upper end, whereas the lower end is occupied by imports from the Chinese mainland.

Hong Kong stationery manufacturers, such as Climax International, are expanding into the retail distribution sector of the mainland and Southeast Asian countries.

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Home and small offices are expanding, especially in the US. Superstores and mail order companies are dominating the channels for selling to small offices in the US and increasingly in Europe.

The superstore-type stationery shops will continue to be popular as more suppliers add computer consumables, office equipment and furniture to their product range.

Another new area that stationers are joining is the online market. It is now very easy to purchase stationery suitable for home or office use online. This may mean that smaller stationery shops, without the online facility, may find it more difficult to compete, especially as they cannot carry the same range of products as the larger retailers.

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Marketing and promotion efforts usually include advertising in related industrial publications and through participating in exhibitions. To expand their business networks, explore market opportunities, and promote product image and brand-names abroad, Hong Kong stationery makers may participate in some well-organised and influential international trade fairs.

Since stationery items are very often expensed as souvenirs and gift items, stationery manufacturers and traders usually participate in gift and premium fairs too.

Below is a list of some major trade fairs: Industry Trends In developed markets, selling stationery has become more than the seasonal, back-to-school business.

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The widespread use of computers, smart phones and tablets has increased the sales of IT related products. There is a sustained demand for computer accessories such as USB flash drives, linking up traditional wholesalers with IT specialists.

Technology developments have also affected the traditional stationery business. For example, traditional writing instruments such as ballpoint pens are of lesser use today as people have switched to communicate with email or social media.Staples invented the office superstore concept and today is the largest operator of office superstores in the world.

BVP's Felda Hardymon and Bill Burgin invested in each of the company's four rounds, starting in It went public in (NASDAQ:SPLS).

The landscape had only worsened for the chains since , when a federal district court judge blocked the merger, arguing that it would violate antitrust laws by “substantially reducing competition” in the office-supply superstore space. The industry Outlook and Forecasts show how the Office Supply Stores industry is heading over the next five years ().

Market forecasts account for historical growth, cyclical changes, and general economic outlook. Although the two subsidiaries, Staples, Inc.

("Staples") and Staples the Office Superstore, Inc. which is widely recognized as the most innovative in the tax services industry. Industry Analysis STAPLES is in the industry of office supplies and stationary. It is a retail store that not only offers office supplies, but furniture, technology, and other services as well to .

Staples is the leading operator of office supply superstores in the US at a time when demand for traditional office supplies is waning. Staples The Office Superstore, LLC. FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts, US. Companies in this industry sell a wide range of office supplies and equipment to businesses and consumers Location: STAPLES DR, FRAMINGHAM, , MA.

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