Prophethood in islam essay

The Islamic belief in all prophets without exception, with a small discussion on the nature of Jesus and Muhammad. How many prophets has God sent to humanity? We are only sure of what is clearly mentioned in the Quran, that God has sent a messenger to every nation. The Quran mentions the names of 25 prophets and indicates that there have been others who were not mentioned to Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.

Prophethood in islam essay

Never leave Muhammad; follow him faithfully. Abu Talib told Jafar to go ahead and join them in their prayer. Prophethood in islam essay proclaim the religion with courage, may Allah help you.

I was glad when you said that you were mumin believer. So help the Messenger of Allah in the cause of Allah. And announce to the Quraish your decision, and tell them that Ahmad was never a sorcerer.

It was the policy of Abu Talib to keep the Quraish in suspense about his true belief: Had he announced that he had accepted the religion of Muhammad, his position as a respected leader of the tribe would have been undermined.

And then he could not extend his protection to the Holy Prophet. Thus, while always declaring his firm belief that Muhammad could not tell anything but the truth, exhorting his children and brothers to follow the religion of Muhammad, he assiduously refrained from declaring in so many words that he himself was a Muslim.

Thus he maintained his position with the hierarchy of Quraish and protected the Prophet through his influence. Even on his death-bed, while there was still a chance that he might recover, he very diplomatically announced his faith in such a way that the Quraish could not understand what he meant.

When they asked him on which religion he was dying, he replied: During the last moments of his life, the Holy Prophet advised him to recite the Kalimah loudly as is the custom of the Muslims. He put his ears near Abu Talib, and then said to the Holy Prophet: Abu Talib is saying what you wanted him to say!

She was the first person to testify to the truth of the Holy Prophet. She spent all her wealth in the cause of Islam. And she was a source of comfort and consolation to the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet said: The Holy Prophet always remembered her. Allah has given you a woman better than her meaning herself.

She believed in me when others were steeped into infidelity. She testified to my truth when others rejected my claim. She helped me with her wealth when others deprived me. And Allah gave me children by her. She was 65 years old when she died, and she was buried at Hajun.

Visit to Taif After the death of Abu Talib and Khadijahfinding that the Meccans had turned a deaf ear to his preaching, the Prophet decided to go to Taif, perhaps its people would be more responsive. But a big disappointment was in store for him.

Muhammad spent a month at Taif only to be scoffed and laughed at. When he persisted in his preaching, the people of Taif drove him out of their city pelting stones at him. In this desperate situation he prayed to God thus: I make my complaint unto You regarding the feebleness of my strength, the insignificance of my devices, and my humiliation in the sight of people.

O You, the Most Merciful One! You are the Lord of the oppressed, You are my Lord. To whom would You entrust my affairs? To a stranger who would scowl at me?

Or to an enemy who would control me? If you are not displeased with me, then I do not care about any hardshipbut an ease bestowed by You will be more accommodating to me. I seek refuge in the light of Your countenance by which all darkness is dispersed and all affairs of this world and the hereafter are kept straight from pouncing of Your anger or the coming of Your wrath.

I seek your pardon in order that you may be pleased with me. There is no power nor strength except in You" Grief-stricken, the Prophet returned to Mecca. Islam Gradually Reaches Beyond Mecca All these disappointments and persecutions notwithstanding, Islam was spreading in other tribes too, although very slowly and not on a grand scale.

Its simplicity and rationality were such that it only needed to reach the ears of the people to stir their souls. For thirteen years, the Quraish did their very best to stifle the new religion, but their opposition itself provided the necessary publicity.[NOTE: This article contains two multiple choice review tests which can be taken and graded on-line.

Prophethood is not unknown to heavenly revealed religions, such as Judaism and Islam, however, it has a special status and significance. Key West, Florida.

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The derivation differs between the various sects of Islam (Sunni and Shia.

Prophethood in islam essay

The Islamic belief in all prophets without exception, with a small discussion on the nature of Jesus and Muhammad., An explanation of the purpose of prophethood and common features shared by all Prophets and their message.

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Prophethood in Islam