Life insurance and swot analysis commerce essay

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Life insurance and swot analysis commerce essay

Form the above tabular array it is high that the importance of life insurance has grown bit by bit over a period of clip non merely in metro countries but besides in rural countries. As there has been a dramatic addition in the importance of life insurance, the figure of policies issued per annum has besides increased, therefore taking to a great alteration in the entire premium sum collected.

Life insurance and swot analysis commerce essay

In Cores Total sum mobilized Entire premium income from investings Rs. Presence of few Sellerss: After liberalisation the no. License to the new comer is granted by it merely.


All merchandises, premiums, Tariffs require its blessing. Monetary value of the policy i. But premium every bit good as the merchandise needs to be approved by IRDA.

Entry or Exit Barrier: There is no free entry into this sector as already outlined New entrants has to fulfill certain status before come ining into this industry. Exit is even tougher since all the contracts are long term so there are really rigorous ordinances for issue from the industry by IRDA.

There are no homogeneous merchandises. There are broad assortments of merchandises available in the market. Each marketer can present Any new policy depending on the efficiency of its merchandise development squad within the wide guidelines of IRDA.

Sellers spend immense sum of their annual budget on advertizement to educate the consumers about their merchandises and their company. IRDA ensures that advertizement does non mislead people.

Still the private sector companies are in nascent phase and major ball of market pie is still owned by public sector giant LIC.

But private participants are besides viing really courageously. The influence of private participants has created the undermentioned benefits: Decrease in the monetary value of merchandise under competitory market. More advanced merchandises to be available in a competitory market. Improved direction of investing portfolio.

Improved quality of service due to utilize of IT and multi distribution channels. New Insurers to gain high net income in the initial phases due to big size of Indian insurance market. Insurance mediators will include agents, Agents, Independent Financial Consultants etc.

The committee paid may transcend Rs. Ad runs may harvest benefits as an extra advt. Computer industries will profit. The IRDA since its incorporation as a statutory organic structure in April has painstakingly stuck to its agenda of framing ordinances and registering the private sector insurance companies.

Life insurance and swot analysis commerce essay

The blessing of establishments for leaving preparation to agents has besides ensured that the insurance companies would hold a trained work force of insurance agents in topographic point to sell their merchandises, which are expected to be introduced by early following twelvemonth.

The IRDA since its incorporation as a statutory organic structure has been bordering ordinances and registering the private sector insurance companies. IRDA being an independent statutory organic structure has put a model of globally compatible ordinances. Denationalization of Insurance sector: The debut of private participants in the industry has added to the colors in the dull industry.

The enterprises taken by the private participants are really competitory and hold given huge competition to the 1 clip monopoly of the market LIC. Since the coming of the private participants in the market the industry has seen new and advanced stairss taken by the participants in this sector.By the twelvemonth , when the Life insurance concern was nationalized and the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was formed on 1st September , there were companies and 75 provident fund societies transacting life insurance concern in India.

Question Answer Available; pfmlures.coms affecting growth potential apart from savings rate: Yojana March page 35 onwards- “SWOT analysis of Indian Economy” by IIM Professor and member of monetary policy Committee pfmlures.comra Dholakia.; Other factors include: channelizing of the savings into investment in private sector, rather than crowing out because of fiscal repression.

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SWOT Analysis of Insurance Sector [1] STRENGTHS: 1. New Products- A range of new products had been launched to cater to different segments of the market, while traditional agents were supplemented by other channels including the internet and bank branches/5(3).

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