Hdfs 240 midterm 1

May 4 from The final exam is in the same room as the midterms were, except for students who were in the extra time room in Muenzinger.

Hdfs 240 midterm 1

An introduction to agricultural soil science in Western Canada Thursday, 1 March Midterm Exam Discussion This post is intended to give everyone an overview of the midterm exam, to highlight the areas that were done well and to indicate areas that need work.

I will also highlight questions that were similar to clicker questions used in classroom quizzes. The information is presented in the same order that the exam was set up.

Hdfs 240 midterm 1

Midterm mark distribution First of all, the overall distribution of marks is presented in Figure 1. Distribution of marks for the SLSC midterm.

Hdfs 240 midterm 1

Percentage of students is out of 60 students and the midterm exam percent ranges are out of a total of 55 marks. Multiple choice questions Overall, most students did relatively well on the multiple choice section. The average mark was 7.

There were four questions that people struggled with though, these included questions b, e, g and h. Question e was actually a question that was previously used in a clicker quiz. Did you find the multiple choice questions difficult?

Do you think the clicker quizzes prepared you for the type of questions you saw on the midterm? Matching Again, for the most part, the matching part of the exam was done relatively well. On average, students got 7. There were three terms that stood out as being difficult concepts.

These are all concepts associated with cation exchange capacity. However, it appears as though, CEC is still an area that people are struggling with. Do you find cation exchange capacity a topic that is difficult to understand? Short answer and calculations Questions 3 and 5 were calculation questions.

These questions were typically done relatively well; however, there were some clear problems with both calculations. Another issue encountered was converting units.

Many students left question 5 completely empty and that meant losing 4 possible marks. This is a concept that has been stressed in class a lot and several clicker questions have focused on bulk density. The majority of students were on the right track when it came to question 4, but just needed to fill out their answer.

The average mark was 1. Short answer Question This is where the midterm started to go quite poorly for most people. For questions 6 to 8, the average mark out of 5 was less than 2. This is an area where people lost a lot of marks. The majority of marks lost were due to lack of information provided.

In general, one sentence is not a sufficient answer for 5 marks. Individuals who used point form typically did better because they usually had 4 or 5 points listed. The basis for the answers for each of these three questions comes directly from the class notes.

Briefly explain how topography can influence the soil formation process. These two slides are directly out of the topography lecture notes.

What was the last period of glaciation Wisconsin period such a fortunate event in Saskatchewan prehistory? Slide is from the glaciation lecture.

What is soil structure? What are the benefits of good soil structure? Last two slides from the soil structure lecture On questions 6, 7, and 8, students averaged approximately 7 marks out of a possible This was a huge loss of marks for most people, especially when the exam was only out of 55 marks.

Long answer The long answer question was quite interesting because 40 students out of 60 selected Option A, probably thinking it would be simpler.

However, in terms of clicker questions presented in class, 3 questions provided the direct basis for the answer of Option B and only 1 clicker question dealt with Option A.Department of Human Development and Family Studies, College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University HDFS Each time I teach HDFS , I have the class conduct an actual, hands-on research project, the topic of which varies semester to semester.

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In pfmlures.com, this is done in the sendChunk() method, relying . Physics Practice test for Midterm 1. To get ready for the exam, go through your homework problems, go through your lecture notes and go through this practice exam (longer than actual test).

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