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Coastal management involves developing strategies Coastal management involves developing strategies that are designed to protect and preserve the coastal environment. The actions of humans have altered the operation of the natural coastal processes.

Geography cronulla

Aboriginal heritage[ edit ] The original inhabitants of the Sutherland area were some clans of the Dharawal people.

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Archaeological work in the Sutherland Shire has revealed evidence for Aboriginal settlement dating back at least 8, years. In other locations The Military Area near Holsworthy and Darkes Forrest there are thousands of sites, camping areas and sacred places.

Since when there was an Archaeological dig in Cabbage Tree Basin archaeologists have uncovered parts of an extensive open-air midden or cooking and camp sites. Successive layers of habitation show the diet of the native Aborigines - oystersmusselssnapperbreamand Sydney cockle.

There is also evidence of sealdolphina range of marsupialsdingo and even whale. Several edge-ground axes have also found. There are many existing sites where paintings and engravings of great age show changes in art style over thousands of years.

Some of these changes can be linked to the extinction of some animals in the area and also with the coming of Europeans to Sutherland. Some have interpreted these changes in style to changes in culture and people which would indicate that there have been a number of changes of communities over time.

Cook and his party explored around Kurnell Peninsula, and left the bay on 6 May. During their brief stay, a Scottish seaman named Forbes Sutherland died of tuberculosis.

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In his honour, Cook named the northwest point of the peninsula Point Sutherland. After sending a party to clear land for settlement, Phillip soon realised the area was unsuitable. There was lack of shelter for ships, inadequate water and poor soil. On 24 January, two French ships were sighted off the coast, causing Phillip to raise English colours near Sutherland Point.

Title to land was not granted by the Crown untilbefore which there was practically no settlement.

Geography cronulla

Timber cutting was the primary industry, supplemented by shell gathering in the Port Hacking area. His developmental projects included oyster farms, [13] cattle grazing, and coal mining. He constructed a magnificent manor on the foreshores of Sylvania, called Sutherland House, based on English feudal lines.

Farmers' ships sailed up the coast into Botany Bay, and up the Georges and Woronora rivers, avoiding the wharfage and custom dues at Port Jackson.

The first public road, the Illawarra Road now called the Old Illawarra Road to the "Five Islands" now Wollongongwas constructed between and with convict labour. A new southern line of road was completed inlinking up with the Illawarra Road at Engadine.

Today this virtually is the line of the Princes Highwaythe main north-south thoroughfare through Sutherland Shire. A railway line was extended from Hurstville in to develop the rich Illawarra district.

The railway brought into being firstly a huge shanty town on the heights of Comoand later developed the area into a holiday centre.Oct 18,  · i went to cronulla beach, in particular wanda and eloura beaches. it was the shittest excursion, it was full pelting down rain and our booklets were inreadable coz the rain made the writing or blurring and it was so wet that our teachers took us back to the school att 11 30 and we arrived there like at 10 so we only did like 90 minutes of fieldwork lol.

This paper interrogates the reactions to three riotous events that occurred in and in neighbourhoods of Sydney, Australia. At Redfern and Cronulla, the riots appeared to be ‘race’ related, whereas the Macquarie Fields incidents represented an apparent ‘class war’.

You're currently viewing our resources for Geography. For additional assistance, you should refer to the discussion forum for this course. On December 11, , residents of the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla took part in a demonstration to chase away “gangs” of men from inland suburbs.

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Sensei Scarsbrook is a Geography teacher at Cronulla High School located in Sydney, New South Wales. When comparing Sensei Scarsbrook's ratings to other teachers in the state of New South Wales, Sensei Scarsbrook's ratings are above the average of stars.

Lines In The Sand. The Cronulla Riots, Multiculturalism and National Belonging.

Geography cronulla

Gregory Noble. is Professor in Human Geography and Urban Studies in the School of Social Sciences, University of Western Sydney. LINES IN THE SAND 74 Minister’s protestations, reveals the persistent place of racism in.

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