Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

This is a totally fun outing with something for the whole family! Found the Elf at Daso Custom Cabinetry! In 12 participating businesses around Historic Dublin, an elf is hiding, just waiting to be found by your eager kiddos!

Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

All of them taste like shit by R. I had no idea that all hell would be breaking loose over my simple poll! I was curious what people here on the DL would recommend in pizza chain restaurants. I don't eat pizzas very often but when I do they are usually the frozen kind at the grocery.

When I want something different I go for some local pizza establishments. I'm curious why so many of them are stubborn about such matters I wouldn't describe them as stubborn in general.

For the record I was an 'Obama gay" for the last 2 elections so I don't know why people are bringing politics into this simple pizza question. Cheese because it's a familiar U. The closest one to me is probably 3 hours away.

With so many gays now having kids I thought they might be able to talk about what they have to offer from a personal standpoint. I thought I made it clear under the heading that people can add any additional pizza place that they wanted here in the comments section but I'm not really interested in "none of the above" or "other" answers so that's why I didn't bother to include them in the choices.

But a few years ago they completely revamped their recipes and menus, and now it's actually perfectly fine.


Snobs will still find plenty to complain about hell, even if there weren't anything to complain about, you think that'd stop them? But it's perfectly fine now. Pizza Hut has also recently revamped their recipes and offerings. They used to be my go-to pizza back in my college days in the 80s.

Now I can't stomach it at all. These days, if I get a chain pizza, I'll get Dominos. It's fast, I can order on my phone and pick it up on my way home, and it re-heats well.

Though I prefer the local place, it's definitely more expensive, takes longer, and isn't as convenient. So it depends on how much energy I want to spend to get the extra bump in quality. If it's more than just me eating the pizza, it'll definitely be the local place, not a chain.

I grew up in an area with a bounty of locally owned, authentic Italian pizza places. I know good pizza, and around where I live now, there just isn't any even the local places here aren't nearly as good as what I grew up with.

But I make do, because I love pizza Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad it's better than nothing? At any rate, I'm not an obnoxious holier-than-thou snob like so many above. And I can read and responds to a poll's actual question, not some question I'd rather it have been, with options I'd rather have been offered.

But I guess according to some in this thread, that make ME the weirdo. Please, go fuck yourself.

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The chain survives solely by catering to young children and providing enough distractions with games and flashing lights and people walking around in costumes to give parents a break from having to constantly entertain their little rug-rats. It is a place to be avoided by adults without children at all costs.

Just stop it, it's embarrassing. The only problem is that one would have to have eaten at every one of those listed in order to give a fair opinion.Can’t beat pizza at Donatos for a mid-hunt break!

Finding the Elf was tricky at La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro! Find the Elf and a little ice cream treat at Johnson’s Real Ice Cream!

Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

And actually Donatos has much more than just good pizza. Sandwiches, salads, sides (potato wedges, bread sticks, etc). finding that beer actually was meant to have flavor and be a real beverage vs some guy named Lenny 'whizzing' in a bottle behind the factory did it for me also.

Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. May 05,  · Location(s) of the day. General. General Board. Polling Palace. Reply; Location(s) of the day metros this size. Chain restaurants abound, and the non-chain restaurants are not that exciting. However, they have Donatos Pizza which I would give anything to have where I live.

Finding a neighborhood you would like to live in can be. CLUTCH CHATTER JULY EDITOR- Maggie Vang Hello all! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. Bruce looked into the Donatos Pizza in Brownsburg. They have a separate room with doors that can close. There is of finding a location/caterer for the annual banquet.

He has looked in to One more for the way back. we would often get a large pizza from Donatos (an Ohio based pizza chain) to eat on the way home. I'm not one to usually promote chain pizza.

Jane Grote-Abell, Chairwoman of the Board, Donatos Pizza Q: What was your first job in the restaurant industry?

A: My first job in the restaurant industry was working in my dad's pizza restaurant. We lived behind our first restaurant and I started making pizza at an early age.

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