A best friend for a pumpkin eraser

As you know, I love to decorate my chalkboard for each holiday or season that is approaching. I have 2 or 3 other chalkboards, and the chalk marker simply wipes off, with a wet rag. With the chalkboard in my entry, from Restoration Hardware???

A best friend for a pumpkin eraser

Why do high-achieving students help others cheat? I first faced consequences for cheating in middle school. During an algebra test, my friend Samantha, who sat next to me, asked to borrow my eraser, and I slid it over to her.

We were two of the most straitlaced students in the school and would never have dreamed of cheating, but here we were with our first Fs, sobbing in front of the whole class. Even now, that ruling seems unfair. Connor really thought we were cheating, then why did I get to go free?

A best friend for a pumpkin eraser

Why distract every student in the class from the test with a spectacle? At the time, it felt like Mrs. To be honest, it still feels like that.

WHY do students cheat? To get better grades, obviously. But why do they so often help each other cheat? During a biology test in ninth grade, for example, I gave an answer to Jacob, the boy who sat behind me.

Well, he was retaking freshman biology as a sophomore, so I condescendingly felt a little bad for him. I considered whether Jacob needed the help, whether I might get caught, and whether he and his friends would consider me a bitch or a goody-goody if I ignored him.

But more importantly, it would never have occurred to me to rat out Jacob because I had no problem with him.

I saw him as a person trying to solve a problem. To tattle would have been sadistic, like Mrs. Connor making me and Samantha cry. What I knew for sure was that no adults understood my life.

We laud teachers for their noble profession, but how many of them are apathetic, petty, closed-minded, racist, sexist? How many sexually abuse their students or drop them down the school-to-prison pipeline? Some educators and educational reform advocates do try to address the root causes of cheating.

I agree with those conclusions and respect her honesty and openness to change. But how can an individual teacher, even one with all the right ideas, change the system that leads high-schoolers to cheat? I lived the best-case scenario in a system like that, attending a well-funded public school in an affluent school district.

For four years straight, I worked virtually every waking hour and slept fewer than six hours a night, in constant terror of the tiniest mistake. I contemplated suicide more days than not.

Teachers scolded me when I fell asleep in class because I had been up all night doing the homework they assigned. My parents told me things would only get harder when I grew up; they actually got much easier. THE teachers at my high school constantly entreated us to consider our own self-interest before we cheated.

Students who took a given test early in the day would leak information to students who would take it later in the day. Our teachers warned us that because the tests were graded on a curve, early-in-the-day test-takers only harmed themselves by helping their later-in-the-day counterparts.

I can only think of one friend who refused to participate in this system; she now teaches high school. Teachers tried to mitigate the problem by writing multiple versions of the same test, swapping in different versions of the same questions, or mixing up their order. We studied for hours for these tests, and we just wanted to know if there was something tricky we needed to brush up on between classes: It was a sort of karmic cycle: It would have been heartless not to help each other, like pushing your friend off the track so you could finish higher in a race no one could win.

Why did the teachers try to trick us anyway? Tricky tests turn the teacher-student relationship into a competition between us and them.

Who cares whether a wiley teacher can sneak something past their complacent class?Pantan is an only child and his best friend is Fanfan (not a panda) who was born 3 days apart from Pantan. Pantan's hobbies include running, eating, and sleeping.

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Pantan enjoys climbing through small spaces and his favorite food is caramel ice cream. Pantan's future dream is to be a panda hero.

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Confessions of an American Pumpkin Eater. By Lauren O'Neal September 27, I first faced consequences for cheating in middle school. During an algebra test, my friend Samantha, who sat next to me, asked to borrow my eraser, and I slid it over to her.

I lived the best-case scenario in a system like that, attending a well-funded public. Erases marks on most surfaces with just water-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original-Mr. Clean. Crafts. Erases marks on most surfaces with just water so it's best not to use your real name. Title your review* Review* Pumpkin Black Bean Soup Recipe favourite Granny Smiths in a Blanket Recipe.

Newspaper Pumpkin Garland. Bonnie Scorer. September 17, Activities, Fall Our favourite place to find materials to create with is nature, but this is certainly followed by the recycling bin! Use newspaper to make this simple festive Fall garland!

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